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My Story

Oakhill Forest Farm was originally owned by my grandparents. My grandmother raised goats and chickens, while my Mom and aunts owned horses here. I have come by my love of animals honestly and am happy to run Oakhill Forest Farm with my Mom and brother. I raise goats, chickens and Holland Lops. I love to ride, and our family has four horses.

I occasionally have Holland Lop rabbits, goats & chickens for sale. I also sell rabbit supplies and bagged manure. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in purchasing or being put on a waiting list.

Holland Lop Rabbits

I breed Holland Lops because in my opinion they are great companions, are very friendly and smart. They are a small to medium sized rabbit approximately 4 pounds when fully grown. Their life span is 7-12 years so owning a lop is a long term commitment. 

Holland lops have small compact body types  described as a “short, stocky body, a broad head, with a well- defined crown (or puff of fur/cartilage) at the back of the head, and the ears are lopped" (Rabbitpedia.com). Their ears may not lop right away, they sometimes take up to six months or even longer. I also breed harlequin dutch rabbits, sometimes adding them to my lop breeding to add some interesting colors.

Contact Me to Inquire About Bunnies For Sale

... he will be our friend for always and always and always.

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